Just The Beginning


 Everyone’s life expedition begins and ends at various places or times.  We ALL travel through life gathering lessons from the many positive and negative encounters.  In this journey, we ALL have that cosmic epiphany, that life changing instance. That epic moment when you discover your true purpose. A moment so impactual that every day after is an inspiring and driven one. Well guys, I recently had mine.

🌈 My mind is consumed with being a better, more successful, more tranquil me! 🌈

Follow me through my journey of self discovery and self love. Discover my twisted morals, passions, and values. Come cherish my politically incorrect vulgarities as well as my sassy over exposed sexuality. Embrace my radical opinions, my grammatically incorrect sentences, and my desensitize jokes. You will either  love me or love to hate me. Both ways are still filled with LOVE💜 and that’s what I’m about!

Enjoy me! ‘Cause I always do. 😁